The Epidemic in Guangzhou is Rapidly Escalating; City Faces Closure

According the media in Communist China, a new confirmed case of the CCP virus was found in Guangzhou on April 8th. Guangzhou officially announced that all residents in the city will have the nucleic acid test. This covers about 18 million people in 11 districts of Guangzhou.

On April 9th, the officer of the Guangzhou CDC said that community transmission had occurred in the existing sealed area, and there was a risk of transmission to other areas. The city is now facing a more serious epidemic prevention situation than last year. Relevant bus stations in Baiyun District have been closed since April 9th, and the recovery time is uncertain. All passengers are required to comply with traffic epidemic prevention and control measures.

At present, Communist China has closed many cities. The official so-called “epidemic” is actually the spread of the virus caused by the vaccine. Through the policy of blockade and clearance, the CCP aims to close the country and push disaster on the people.

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