Japanese Media Reported Chinese People’s Attitude toward the Russian-Ukrainian War

For two days, April 8 and April 9, local time, a Japanese media intensively broadcast and commented on the views of ordinary Chinese people currently in communist China about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Most of the people interviewed on the streets of Beijing used the brainwashing rhetoric of official propaganda, claiming that Ukraine was primarily responsible for this invasion. Some even claimed that the United States started the war.

During the interviews, the Japanese journalist repeatedly mentioned Ukraine’s vulnerable position and the country’s humanitarian crisis in the hope of resonating with the interviewees, but ultimately with no success.

Analysts point out that, as Miles Guo keeps emphasizing, even if the Chinese Communist Party is wiped out, it will still take quite a long time for the Chinese people to clear out the distorted ideology planted on them by the CCP. Chinese people need to have the freedom of faith and the ability to know the truth and to distinguish between good and evil. The Whistleblower Movement has always insisted that only the truth will not be broken and has taken practical actions to wake up more Chinese compatriots.

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