Japan to discard 60 million doses of expiring CCP Virus Vaccines

On April 7th, Asahi reported that Japan will discard 60 million doses of AstraZeneca’s CCP virus vaccines purchased from the United Kingdom, most of them are useless or about to expire. Due to the CCP virus vaccine pandemic, the government of Japan filed a contract with AstraZeneca for 120 million doses of the CCP virus vaccines in December of 2020. Batches were delivered in early 2021. Japan called for people over 40-years-old to get the vaccine.

However, there have been reports of severe thrombotic side effects ever since the mass vaccination. So far, only 43 million doses of the CCP virus vaccine have been distributed. The government has decided to cast off the remaining 60 million more doses of the vaccine as they are approaching the shelf-life of 6-months.

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