Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo Visits NFSC Medyka Rescue Sit

Since the NFSC rescue camp was set up in Medyka, it has received many international media interviews, including hosting senior diplomatic officials and interviewing foreign leaders at the national level. The rescue team that is on the front line is sending the strongest voice to the world with their actions every moment: the Chinese Communist Party cannot represent the Chinese people, and the new federal state of china stands with the peace-loving people of the world to take down the Chinese Communist Party.

At around 10:00 a.m. on April 12th, the current Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, accompanied by his entourage, came to the Medyka border crossing to inspect the rescue work of the refugees. Nicole, a frontline reporter wearing a take down the CCP cap and vest, was allowed by the security guards to do a live interview with the Prime Minister, and upon learning that Nicole was from the New Federal State of China led by Miles Guo to take down the Chinese Communist Party, the Prime Minister kept smiling and nodding his head as he praised the efforts of the New Federal State of China in Medyka.

Nicole, a journalist from the New Federal State of China, told him about our rescue efforts and got his praise: as human beings we need to help each other, that is the most important thing, and it is very nice to hear that you are giving a helping hand to the refugees. After the interview, the Prime Minister offered to take a photo with Nicole. The Prime Minister of Belgium and Nicole, fellow fighter of the New Federal State of China, posed together for a photo.

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