The CCP’s Crazy Actions May Cost The Chinese People In Blood

On April 9th, Miles Guo released the news on GETTR, expressing his concerns about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sending the Red Flag Missiles System to Serbia to help Russia prepare for the massacre in Ukraine.

In the Grand Live Broadcast on April 3rd, Miles issued an early warning that the CCP would deploy the Red Flag Missiles System and Anti-Missile System in Serbia, the Middle East, and a few other small countries around the Middle East. This system is basically equivalent to America’s one man-portable missile shoulder-carried stinger. The missile’s running fire weapon, copied from American technology, will pose a huge threat to the air support from the United States and Europe in Ukraine. The United States will definitely eliminate the CCP’s “BeiDou Navigation Satellite System” used by the Red Flag Missiles System.

Today, a large number of J-20 aircraft are transporting the Red Flag Missiles System to Serbia. In the next two weeks, China will also deploy the new Dong-Feng 15 Missile System in South Asia and the Middle East. These actions of the CCP will shock the world, not only threaten the security of the world, but also become evidence of why the world hates the Chinese people in the future.

Finally, Miles pointed out that being kidnapped by the CCP, this crazy little gangster group, is the sadness of 1.4 billion Chinese people, and the Chinese people will probably pay a huge cost in blood for this.

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