Taiwanese in Ukraine Volunteers at New Federal State of China Rescue Center

On April 9, local time, Taiwanese media reported that a man from Taiwan, Nan-Ying Wang, is working as a volunteer in the relief tent of the New Federal State of China in Medyka, Poland, working as an interpreter for refugees from Ukraine. In the media photos, we can see Mr. Wang wearing a New Federal State of China volunteer vest, and a banner with the words “New Federal State of China, Rule of Law Foundation, Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine” in the background.

It is reported that Mr. Wang went to Ukraine from Taiwan to study and work, and has been living in Ukraine for 8 years. He himself was a refugee from this war, and he safely evacuated from Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, during the Taiwanese government’s evacuation operation on March 2. However, his affection for his second home in Ukraine propelled him to stay. With his ability to speak Chinese, English, Japanese, Ukrainian, and Russian, and his empathy for the war-affected areas, Mr. Wang worked as an interpreter for the refugees in the camps, helping them with various communication problems.In addition, Mr. Wang also applied for the International Volunteer Corps in Ukraine and was accepted. He will continue to play a bigger role with his language skills.

A fellow fighter said that although the media coverage did not highlight the New Federal State of China, any form of media coverage implies acknowledgment of the NFSC. The idea and spirit of the New Federal State of China will certainly be spread to every corner of the world in various forms.

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