We Are Here To Free Chinese People From Fears For CCP’s Coercion

“On April 5th, Fellow Fighter of New Federal State of China Nicole at the frontline relief mission in Poland, had a conversation with Czech Radio reporter Estelle. Nicole explained to the Czech Radio reporter that the big white tent in Medyka is not set up by the Communist China, but instead by the New Federal State of China whose mission is to take down the CCP and free the ordinary people of China.

Esther suggested a key obstacle of overthrowing the CCP would be the difficulties for the people within the China to connect to the outside world and have access of information under the censorship of the CCP. Nicole explained that many awakened Chinese in the country have been able to bypass the Great Firewall of the CCP through VPNs and other methods and connect to the world.

The NFSC, in addition to this humanitarian relief effort, is actively engaged in breaking the CCP’s censorship. Our mission is to provide real information to the people in China and set them free from the fear of being coerced by the CCP, so that they would no longer be brainwashed by the Communist China.”

Aussie Brief News

Aussie Brief News

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