The EU Sought To Boycott Payment For Russian Gas In Rubles, Wit Hungary As A Naysayer

“According to Reuters, on Apr 6th, Hungary’s government agreed to Putin’s demands to pay rubles for Russian gas, breaking ranks with the E.U. and seeking a united front in opposing payment in rubles.

In retaliation over Western sanctions for his invasion of Ukraine, Putin warned Europe they risked having gas supplies cut unless they paid in rubles.

Subsequently, several E.U. member states made concerted efforts to boycott Russia’s demands. On Apr 4th, Slovakia said they would act in conjunction with the E.U., while Poland hoped to maintain their original contract with Russia, which expired at the end of this year. Latvia did not support paying in rubles, while Lithuania no longer imported Russian gas, becoming the first European country to eliminate its energy dependence on Russia.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a news conference that his government would pay for shipments in rubles if Russia asked them to. Hungary has been one of a few E.U. member states who rejected energy sanctions against Moscow due to Russia’s atrocities perpetrated in Ukraine.

Some analysts pointed out Miles Guo said in his grand live broadcast the world was divided into two distinct camps. Orban, who was Pro-Russia and Pro-CCP, recently won a fourth term. His attitude toward Putin’s aggression against Ukraine foreshadowed the future trend of Hungary, which was alarming for the E.U. member states.”

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