Taiwan Authority Investigates CCP Companies that Exercise Chip Talent Plunder for CCP

As reported by foreign media on April 8th that, a Taiwan official in charge of investigating revealed recently that the Taiwan government has started to probe about 100 CCP companies who are suspected implement chip and other technical talent plunder. According to regulating of the law in Taiwan, CCP is strictly forbidden to invest on the sensitive areas of chips in Taiwan. But CCP implement talent plunder or technologies stolen through establishing companies in Cayman Etc. to hide the funds resource to avoid the restriction of Taiwan government.

The chips produced by Taiwan companies such as TSMC are broadly used in the world, so the CCP has to speed up its illegal plunder in Taiwan in the current circumstance of chip shortage and US’s sanctions intensify. To against the CCP’s illegal activities, Taiwan government established a special working group in the Ministry of Justice in December 2020. The above mentioned official claimed that, there have been 27 CCP companies undergo spot checks or owners be subpoena for questioning, and 7 of them have been litigated.

In March 2022, the working group carried out its greatest operation so far to spot check 8 CCP companies. It is said that one of them self-claimed data analysis company of Taiwan, but the result on the corresponding investigations showed it’s a chip company with headquarter in Shanghai, the company stolen the blueprint of chip designing and transmitted to CCP indeed. The rest companies are also related to the companies from Beijing, Tongfu Microelectronics and so on.

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