Russia’s assassination of Ukraine President failed due to betrayal

On March 22, it was revealed that a 25 person assassination team led by the Russian National Security Agency was arrested at the border of Ukraine and Slovakia on the evening of March 21.

Their target was Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.According to the media, the assassination plan was revealed to Kyiv by an anti-war person inside the Russian National Security Agency.

The two main goals of the assassination team are to assassinate Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and infiltrate the Ukrainian government.It is reported police captured the assassination squad near Uzhgorod in western Ukraine, which borders Slovakia and is just a few kilometers from the Ukraine-Hungary border.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has repeatedly stated in front of the camera that he is the number one target of the Russian army. An aide revealed that Zelenskyy had survived Russia’s assassination attempts three times in a week. In total, such assassinations have occurred at least a dozen times so far, but they have all failed.

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