Ukrainian IT Army Attacks Russian Online Resources

“On April 5, local time, Ukraine’s government portal official website shows that the Ministry of Digital Transformation has created an IT army to fight Russia on the cyber front since the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

It was reported that the IT army had brought together professionals in the digital realm from Ukraine and around the world. These experts organized multiple distributed denial-of-service attacks against Russian government resources, banking websites, and commercial companies, targeting the websites of the Federal Government of Russia, the State Service, the Federal Security Service, the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies, and Mass Media, as well as the Moscow Stock Exchange and several other institutions. In addition, dozens of strategic Belarusian websites, including the website of the National Bank, were included in the attack.

The data shows that during the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Ukrainian IT army has successfully attacked more than 660 websites of Russian resources, the vast majority of which were various institutions supporting the aggressive war of the Moscow authorities. At the same time, the IT unit disseminated the truth of the inhumane atrocities committed in Ukraine by the invading Russian forces to Russians through various digital channels.”

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