Balloons Emblazoned With The NFSC Flag Are Very Popular With Ukrainian Children

“On 6 April, according to news sent back from the rescue front, a large number of NFSC balloons were prepared as gifts for Ukrainian children by frontline fellow fighters at the rescue bus stop of Medyka refugee center and in the rescue tents of the NFSC.

The blue balloons, made by Himalaya Italian Davinci Farm and emblazoned with the yellow words “The New Federal State of China” in both Chinese and English as well as the star of faith, were popular with the Ukrainian children in the rescue center. The children would take these NFSC balloons back to Ukraine, or to Poland and other parts of Europe, according to Brother Wenke.

Brother Wenke also mentioned that every child who suffered greatly from the war would smile when they saw the NFSC balloons. At that moment, they left their fear of war behind, healing a little from the trauma inflicted on them – this scene inspired every fellow fighter on the front line who were sincerely trying to help refugees.

In this regard, the fellow fighters in the rear of the Whistleblower Movement commented that the rescue operations of the NFSC and the ROL Foundation in Ukraine had been focusing on details: both the famous NFSC coffee in the Medyka camp and the snacks, toys and balloons prepared for refugee children demonstrated the friendly, professional and meticulous rescue attitude of citizens of the NFSC. Small balloons notwithstanding, the goodwill it contains is disseminated with these Ukrainian children.”

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