CCP Public Security Threatened to Silence People, Behavior Denounced by Netizens

In the morning of April 4, Zhang Yahong, deputy director of Shanghai Public Security, warned Shanghai citizens at a press conference that they should not publish and forward information about the epidemic on their own. Any dissemination of epidemic information that is not officially approved by the CCP may violate relevant laws and be severely punished.


Since April, the epidemic in Shanghai has been spreading, but the CCP has implemented “Zero- Covid policy” and imposed strict lockdowns. People are lacking food supply, and medical treatment not available for the sick, which resulted in unbearable humanitarian disasters such as suicides and accidental deaths. The CCP has never listened to public opinions or cared about the suffering of its people. Instead, its public security departments threatened the people with “the Internet is not a place beyond the law” and used violence of the dictatorship to intimidate people, to achieve the purpose of blocking the real tragedy of the epidemic. Its barbaric actions have sparked public outrage, prompting unanimous protests and refutations on the Internet. Some netizens said that the people no longer believe in the media controlled by the CCP. Shanghai netizens directly questioned the official rumors that the Shanghai government had announced that the city would not be closed, or that closure would be lifted on April 5. Some people even dare to face the ignorance of the CCP authorities. The real information in the Internet age cannot be covered up. The best way to refute rumors is to tell the truth to the Public.

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