CCP Banks Held Emergency Meeting on Preventing Bank Runs

Miles Guo revealed in his Grand Live Broadcast on April 4 that several major commercial banks in the Communist China held emergency meetings this past weekend to arrange measures to prevent possible bank runs this coming week.


The meeting required the banks to report to superiors for approval of any personal withdrawals over 50,000 RMB, and business withdrawals exceeding the amount of salary payment; meanwhile, both local police and discipline inspection commissions will send people to supervise the use and withdrawal of the funds. Miles pointed out that the so-called top 10 real estate developers in the Communist China, including Sunac China, Evergrande, China Poly, R&F Properties, Hopson and Country Garden can’t repay their debt, and that driving suppliers like construction companies and interior designers insane. The collapse of Communist China’s economy including real estate market and banks is imminent!

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