The Cult Of Personality Of The Chinese Communist Dictator

Cult of personality refers to shape a specific group of people into objects of worship through means of packaging and large-scale propaganda. There will inevitably be a cult of personality in communist totalitarian countries globally. The rulers brainwash their citizens into walking corpses and shape themselves into idols of power to maintain the long-term rule of individuals and political parties. There have been two personality cults in the history of the Communist Party of China, during the reigns of Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping respectively.

1) Mao Zedong’s Cult of Personality. Through the power struggle within the party, Mao Zedong established his position as the party leader in Yan’an and began to write Mao’s thoughts into the party constitution. After the Communists seized power, they gradually raised the level of worship of Mao.

2) Xi Jinping’s Cult of Personality. After Mao’s death, the Communist Party adamantly expressed objection to the cult of personality and emphasized collective leadership.

However, after Xi Jinping was elected General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and Chairman of the Central Military Commission in 2012, he inherited Mao’s mantle and fully restored the cult of personality and idolization to centralize his power and status. By the name of anti-corruption, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan cracked down on political opponents, arrested millions of people, and many committed suicides by jumping off buildings. In 2017, Xi enshrined his doctrines into the Communist Party constitution. In 2018, he amended the constitution to abolish the term limit of the country’s president, clearing obstacles for him to govern for life.

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