Communist China Speculating Russian-Ukraine War to Plan for Taiwan Invasion

On April 2nd, a Japanese media analyzed that the Chinese Communist Party has gained insight from the Russian invasion.

Masahisa Sato, the head of Foreign Affairs of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, said that in a short period of time, the Chinese Communist Party will become more cautious when formulating plans to invade Taiwan. But in the long run, CCP will surely find plans to evade all international condemnation and take over Taiwan.

Sato gives three reasons for his point of view. First, Xi Jinping, in his call with Biden, accused the international community of coming together to target Russia, the subtext is that when a crisis breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, the world cannot target the CCP. And the CCP is now lobbying hard in Southeast Asia and the Middle East to avoid the risks of sanctions. Secondly, although the G7 countries had heated discussions that Communist China should not be allowed to become a loophole in the issues of sanctions against Russia. However, there was no clause concluded regarding the CCP in the final statement. Lastly, because of the economic relations between Europe and Southeast Asia with Communist China, it is difficult for these countries to truly make up their minds to sanction the CCP in the event of the Taiwan Strait crisis.

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