CCP Virus Vaccines Cause Current Outbreak in Communist China

On April 3rd, Miles Guo said in a live broadcast that the Chinese Communist Party knows very well that the outbreaks in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jilin and other places are vaccine disasters, mass infections caused by people who received the CCP virus vaccine. Since 2021, Miles has repeatedly revealed that the CCP virus vaccine is a poison that is injected into the body.

People who have been vaccinated become asymptomatic virus carriers. After the toxic vaccines accumulated in the body, the vaccine caused symptoms are the same as the virus symptoms, and the vaccine leads to a much worse vaccine disaster.

Miles said two years ago that the CCP was making great efforts to develop the funeral industry, producing vaporizing incinerators and icing incinerators. Now they are put to use, with 5,000 new vaporizing ovens in Shanghai, which can vaporize 50,000 bodies a day. The current quarantine measures being implemented by the CCP are preparing for a full-scale vaccine disaster, a humanitarian disaster and a secondary disaster that is inescapable. At the same time, the quarantine measures’ compartmentalization grids society to facilitate the CCP’s political purpose of harshly controlling the people in Communist China.

The Whistleblower Movement has been spreading the truth about the CCP virus and its vaccine to the world, warning people to stay away from the toxic vaccine. The CCP virus is a biochemical weapon created by the CCP and that the real purpose of the CCP is to promote the vaccine.

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