Lee Hsien Loong: Singapore’s Sanctions Against Russia Are to Defend Principles, Not Choose Sides

Media reported on April 2 that Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, at the end of an eight-day working visit to the United States, summed up the trip to the accompanying media in New York by saying that Singapore’s sanctions against Russia were not to choose the sides, but to defend the basic international principles and Singapore’s long-term interests. And he further explained to reporters that in the case of Ukraine, Singapore’s targeted sanctions against Russia are intended to deter Russia from doing harm to Ukraine.

It is reported that Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement on 5 March that it was imposing financial sanctions against designated Russian banks and entities and their activities in Russia, as well as fundraising activities in favor of the Russian government. The Singapore government also imposed export controls on items that could be “directly used to cause harm or subjugation to Ukrainians”, as well as goods that could contribute to offensive cyber operations.

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