Escape from Ukraine and Join the New Federal State of China

On March 31st (Poland Time) our fellow fighter Ken Ken sent us a video from Ukraine Rescue Camp built by the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF). The video is about a brief interview for our fellow fighter Naïve who works as a translator at our camp.

Naïve (nickname), a Taiwanese who escaped from Ukraine, is our new fellow fighter. He provided translations assistance in the rescue hot line in Kraków at the beginning of the war. Subsequently, he arrived to the frontline of NFSC rescue camp in Medyka with the team and continued to work with us. He is seen in the rescue camp everywhere helping the refugees and also as a translator for our fellow fighters in the frontline.

Naïve is full of sympathy. He lived in Ukraine for eight years as a student. During his stay he had accumulated much knowledges about Ukraine; At the beginning of the war, he escaped from Ukraine. His wife who is a restaurant owner happened to hear about the New Federal State of China rescue operation and passed this information to him. Ever since he got in contact with the NFSC rescue camp, he has worked side by side with our fellow fighters until today. Naïve is a respected, righteous, and dedicated warrior.

Aussie Brief News

Aussie Brief News

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Translator: Tokyo Sakura group – Garrettw
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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