NFSC’s Live-Casts in Medyka Creates New Media Framework

On April 1, on a live broadcast featuring the volunteers from the NFSC rescue base in Poland, our fellow fighter Mingdao explained the differences between the NFSC media and mainstream media.

Putting aside the fact that the traditional mainstream media are almost all controlled by a very few interest groups, they only have their eyes on the hottest news or events. This tends to lead to one-sided, limited, and superficial coverage.

In contrast, the media team of the New Federal State of China has made a breakthrough from this traditional framework – the NFSC’s reporting may cover 24 by 7 on the ground, in this case, at the forefront of the border city of Medyka; at the same time, it can stream the news live to the world with the help of the social media app GETTR; the content coverage is much broader, real time, and in-depth.

Various staff members of the mainstream media at the relief camp base were fascinated by the way the NFSC media staff operated, using equipment of a much lower budget, but delivering news real-time news and with great video quality.

With the superb performance and features provided by GETTR, and with a boost from Starlink Wifi, the NFSC media team is creating a new model of news reporting, and bringing truths to people around the world.

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