The Russia-Ukraine Conflict is in essence a War Between Communist China and The United States

During the Miles Grand Live of March 30th, Mr. Miles Guo explained that the war between Russia and Ukraine is in essence a Sino-U.S. War.

In the previous Russia-Ukraine negotiations, each side has found its own guarantee country. Nowadays, the world is divided into two camps that antagonize each other, with no more neutral country or third-party country. One camp is formed by the totalitarian countries headed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP )and Russia. These countries are Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Belarus and some small countries in Africa.

The other camp is formed by the democratic countries in the West, including the United States, Japan and European Countries. Respectively, the U.S. camp vouches for Ukraine and the CCP camp vouches for Russia. If one camp does not comply with the agreement, undoubtedly there will be fights between the two camps.

The Communist China will definitely take the chance to attack Taiwan. The United States is ready to clean up the CCP with its third hand. The Russian-Ukrainian war will end with the extermination of the CCP. The countries in the CCP camp will lose miserably and the evil totalitarian alliance in the East will be disintegrated completely.

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