The CCP’s Absurd Propaganda of Saving a Foreign Patient under the Draconian Covid Lockdown

Recently, a piece of news about the “campaign to protect Tintin” ( Tin Tin is a nickname given in Chinese for the penis) during the Covid pandemic is widely circulating on WeChat and has sparked heated debate among netizens.

The news is about a foreign man who was in quarantine after entering China from abroad. The foreigner was sent to a medical facility in another province due to an abnormal penis erection for 50 hours. After more than ten days of treatment in the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, he recovered and was discharged. As the news reported in an emotional tone when encountering a foreign patient from an area of high Covid risk abroad, the medical workers held onto the principle of “people first, life first,” courageously took responsibility at the critical moment, made achievements, and worked together to win this rare “campaign to protect Tintin.” The news referred to the foreigner by the nickname “Tintin.”

The common Chinese people died quietly because of the CCP regime’s ridiculous “Zero Covid” lockdowns. More than 1700 people died in a single day in an urban village in Shenzhen. Some truck drivers also starved to death while being stranded in a service area for more than 20 days. There were also elderly people living alone who starved to death while being locked down at home. Young girls hanged themselves due to depression from lockdowns. A mother and her son quarreled because of depression from lockdowns; tragically, the son killed himself by jumping off the building, while the mother hanged herself.

Such examples are rampant in China. Although the CCP regime deletes posts online and controls the spread of information (even some of the censorship personnel responsible for deleting posts die of overworking), countless information about the truth is still sent out by netizens.

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Translator: billwilliam / Written by: Ping
Design&editor: Enhe(恩合)

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