US Department Of Defense : CCP Is The “Primary Challenge”

On March 28, the US Department of Defense (DOD) ) submitted “2022 National Defense Strategy” (NDS) to Congress. It pointed out that United States should focus its strategy on the threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Russia. And the issue of the CCP is considered as the “primary challenge” by the Ministry of national defense.

The document explains in detail the multi-domain threat factors of the CCP, and the Ministry of defense believes that the CCP is threatening the interests of the United States in military, economic and technological aspects and challenging the existing international system. The document emphasizes that the most important task of United States is to protect the homeland and the CCP is an American major strategic competitor and security threat. As the CCP may launch strategic attacks and various possible acts of aggression against the United States and its allies, the DOD must maintain and strengthen its deterrence, and establish a flexible joint force with the allies to take counterattack actions and win when necessary.

In this regard, Miles Guo also mentioned in his broadcast earlier that the CCP is the root cause of all disaster in the world. Eliminating the CCP is the only way to sane humanity. This will also ultimately be fundamental for the United States to resolve the crises it is facing.

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