The Japanese Consortium Contributes 5 Billion Yen to Accept Ukrainian Refugees

According to a Japanese media report on March 28, due to the prolonged Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Japanese consortium announced that it would provide 5-billion-yen, equivalent to about $40 million, to Ukrainian refugees willing to go to Japan within the next three years.

This humanitarian relief fund includes travel expenses, living expenses in Japan for up to three years, and funding for Nonprofit organizations (NPO) and other organizations that support Ukrainian refugees who live and work in Japan.

In addition, the Japanese government has simplified entry procedures and relaxed residence status to assist Ukrainian refugees and formulated a policy of actively accepting refugees. Local governments of various regions will provide public housing and daily necessities as well. So far, about 900 Ukrainian refugees are willing to go to Japan. Among them, 150 refugees who have visited Japan will be the first to receive funding. The principals in charge of the funded project called on the 1900 Ukrainians who have lived in Japan to send this information to their families, friends, and acquaintances.

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