Japan Claims Power to Declare War Echoing Biden’s Speech

On March 27th, Miles Guo revealed in a live broadcast that Japan’s announcement claiming power to declare war was in response to an earlier speech by U.S. President Joe Biden in Warsaw, Poland. The day before, Biden sent a stern warning that Putin would never be allowed to take a step further into Europe. Meanwhile, Biden suggested that the Russians should no longer allow Putin to remain in power.

In response, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that Japan must speed up to authorize the power to declare war and use of self-defense forces. An amendment of the relevant charter in the constitution will be an imperative plan for the Japanese government. Information shows that since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world landscape is undergoing earthshaking changes. Japan, which is located in the Far East of Russia, has become an important force to contain Moscow. Therefore, Japan’s policy of claiming power to declare war now will have extraordinary significance.

Miles also added that Japan is able to produce five nuclear missiles in 72 hours with any of them being as powerful as similar armaments from the CCP or Russia even under the current situation where it cannot possess nuclear weapons. For the time being, Japan will surely return to the list of the world’s superpowers.

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