Leaked Documents Show the CCP’s Attempt to Take Over Australia

A U.S. media source reported on March 28th that leaked documents revealed details of a security agreement between the Chinese Communist Party and the Solomon Islands. This agreement, which opens the door to a military base and permanent police presence on Australia’s doorstep, sent huge shockwaves through Canberra last week.

The media stated that the agreement rang the alarm because the Chinese Communist Party has also been pumping money into Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste for years under the guise of “development.” Just last year, a Chinese Communist Party-backed company put forward a proposal to build a $39 billion dollar city on a remote island between Queensland and Papua New Guinea, making Australian national security analysts nervous. There are concerns that the Chinese Communist Party may already be deeply tied to Australia’s regional partners.

The report concludes with a speculation that the CCP did so because they saw that Australia had become very authoritarian during the CCP virus pandemic and that resembled the CCP more than they previously thought.

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