Dji Was Exposed for Tampering With Ukrainian Drones, Secretly Helping Russia

Chinese drone maker Da-Jiang Innovatoins (DJI) has been exposed for helping Russian-bought drones gain a reconnaissance advantage during the Russo-Ukrainian war, while tampering with Ukrainian drones. Silmansky, co-founder of Electronics Remote Link Software, revealed on Twitter that DJI provided the Russian invaders with a significant aerial reconnaissance advantage. But it has limited the Ukrainian military’s ability to use “aerial mirror” technology.

Shimansky said the Ukrainian military uses various types of DJI drones in its reconnaissance activities. Citing the latest reports from the Ukrainian army, he said that the aerial mirror technology for drones is closed to Ukrainian operators, but the same situation is working for the Russian army, which uses the technology to track and kill Ukrainian drone operators. Shimansky noted that this means that DJI is secretly supporting the Russian army’s aggressive actions in Ukraine.Shimansky also revealed that the Russians have been using and relying on DJI’s anti-drone technology since they occupied parts of Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine in 2016.

DJI has supported the Russian military by creating no-fly zones in addition to providing the Russians with aerial mirror technology. Shimansky recommends that the Ukrainian military not update any more software or hardware when using DJI drones, and turn off the location function and select areas outside of Ukraine when registering the drones.

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