Schwarzenegger Shouts to Russian Soldiers and Civilians: Your Government Is Lying

Foreign media reported on March 17 that the famous Hollywood movie star and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released a video that day, shouting to the Russian military and civilians, hoping to explain the truth of the war.

Schwarzenegger first expressed his deep feelings for Russia and his understanding that people don’t like to hear others criticize their government. But, he said, the brutal war waged by the Kremlin has razed the streets of Ukraine, 3 million Ukrainians have been turned into refugees, and Russia has been condemned by most of the world and isolated in the international community. ; Russians will suffer the toughest economic sanctions ever, “people on both sides will suffer”.

Schwarzenegger talked about how his father was blinded by the German government to join World War II, and as a result he was not only wounded on the battlefield, but also suffered a lifetime of guilt.

He said that now the Russian government is lying not only to its own people, but also to the military. Some soldiers thought they were going to war against the Nazis; some thought Ukrainians would see them as heroes; some thought they were just doing exercises; some thought they were protecting Russians in Ukraine. “These are wrong messages” “This is an illegal war” “I don’t want you to be as broken as my father.”

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