Lawyer Fellow Fighter Won the Big Prize at the GClub’s Anniversary

On March 26, the GClubs 2022 anniversary celebration was hold at its New York headquarters and lasted nearly six hours. It has filled with nice programs created by all the farms around the world, also about 1,800 prizes including cars, accessories, clothing and so on.

According to Miles Guo, the anniversary that was supposed to be held in January, but was postponed for two months in order to allow more Gclub members to have chance to catch this fashionable and distinguished lucky event. However, the sudden Russian-Ukrainian war brought turmoil and disaster to the world.

Therefore, the Ukrainian front-line rescue team members could be the guest of honor, which gave this anniversary unusual significance.Different from last year, G-Fashion, as the physical platform of GClubs, provided the host and guests with dresses and some prizes. These fine design clothing and accessories illustrated the faith in the eradication of the CCP in this very special time, which symbolizes the unique courage and determination of GClubs members.

The prizes of this year also include four Mercedes-Benz cars, and a Lamborghini sports car. This ultimate prize Lamborghini was won by a well-known fellow fighter of Himalaya MOS Farm, “Shoveling CCP warrior”. The lawyer Shoveling CCP warrior has made important contributions for series of legal proceedings of the alliance.

Moreover, he has helped many fellow fighters to obtain legal US visas and residency status.As Miles Guo often said, “Heaven rewards diligence, earth rewards benevolence”. Only those who never hesitate and never fear can drive the world’s top sports car of the Whistleblower Revolution.

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