The United States to Increase Pressure on China

Recently, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai said in an interview with Reuters that the United States is preparing a new Communist China trade policy and will more actively pressure them.

According to Reuters, Katherine Tai pointed out in an interview this week that the United States is preparing a new communist China trade policy approach, stressing that it will more actively pressure the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She did not provide details but said Washington needed new, more efficient tools to defend economic interests and strengthen its competitiveness with the CCP. Katherine Tai said that the United States would not stop pushing to challenge the CCP and promote its reforms, but the United States can no longer stand idly by and wait for the Chinese Communist State to decide. “We need to turn the rules to a new page,” she stressed.

Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter, saying that this new U.S. policy may be the beginning of a further trade investigation, leading to tariffs and even embargoes on Chinese goods. Now, China faces a warning from the United States, the world’s largest economy, not to help Russia invade Ukraine.


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