Ukraine Rescue Operation will Become a Legend Saving Countless Chinese Lives

On March 20th, Miles Guo said during the live broadcast that the great image the New Federal State of China (NFSC) projected by brothers in arms on the rescue frontline in Poland is making an impact to the world every moment.

Miles pointed out that the rescue operation by the NFSC to help Ukraine refugees has fully demonstrated to the world that we are the opposite of the CCP, which is fake, evil and ugly in nature. The rescue team has shown the world the reverence and love that the people of NFSC have for earth, people and animals.

Miles added that the Ukraine frontline rescue operation would become an epic legend of saving countless Chinese, which would also prevent, as much as possible, overseas Chinese exclusion and other catastrophic humanitarian incidents from happening. For this reason, Miles is determined to continue the rescue operation at any cost, regardless of various resistance.

Miles also warned our compatriots at home and overseas that if 1.4 billion Chinese people and overseas Chinese around the world still cannot wake up, they may face an even more tragic fate than the “chained woman” does.

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Translated by: MOS Education Team – Winter Li
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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