International Anti-corruption Organizations Have Locked $17 Billion in Assets of Putin’s Allies


According to the reports of Taiwan media on March 22, the international anti-corruption organization “Organized crime and corruption reporting program” (OCCRP) will work with British the Guardian and 25 other media to track the assets of Russian tycoons associated with Putin. For now, over $17.5 billion in assets has been uncovered.

Official website revealed, Putin has been in power for 22 years. He has built a stable power relationship network, well-connected the rich, politicians and vested interests in the system, to help consolidate Putin’s regime and obtain remuneration from it.

OCCRP started with a list of names of people who “actively participate in the oppression and corruption of Putin’s regime” drawn up by the Anti-Corruption Foundation and is tracking the relevant assets. In the future, the obtained information will be compiled in the database for public viewing and use.

It is reported that asset tracking has listed the massive wealth held abroad by oligarchs and cronies close to Putin, including nearly 150 assets such as real estate, private aircraft, company stocks, yachts and luxury houses, with a total value of about $17 billion. The tracking scope will continue to expand in the next few weeks. It will include other Russians sanctioned for corruption or their support of Putin.

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