Hungarian RTL Journalist Interviews the New Federal State of China Rescue Team

On March 22, according to a Getter, a journalist from Hungary’s RTL Radio and Television Station interviewed Wen Yao, a frontline rescue volunteer with the NFSC and the ROLF, at the refugee rescue center in Medyka near the border.During the interview, Wen Yao briefly introduced to her the rescue facilities and the rescue progress. She also shared a real-life experience. Earlier, a Ukrainian refugee had questioned the Chinese rescue team there because of the Chinese Communist government’s support for the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, Wen Yao dispelled her misunderstanding by explaining to her the essence of the NFSC volunteers—who are the new Chinese that are determined to take down the evil CCP and will continue to help all the victims of the war.

On the other hand, when asked if she is afraid of the evil hands of the Communist government, Wen Yao said that although many of them have been free from its control, there are countless fellow fighters and their families still living inside the Communist China, who are being monitored or even disappeared by the CCP. Therefore, if we don’t fight, there will be no future for the Chinese.

Wen Yao also made a point that dictators start wars only for their personal and family interests, and that it is always the deplorables who suffer from war. As representatives of the deplorables, the NFSC are helping those deplorables who are suffering, and are working hard to eliminate the CCP regime that is behind the war of aggression.

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