Exposing PAG – Financial Fraud Group to the World

On March 22, Miles Guo shared a post on Gettr, revealing that after the snatch of Alibaba from Jack Ma, the CCP has now named its chief intelligence agent, Shan Weijian, as an auditor for Alibaba. Miles pointed out that the PAG is the CCP financial fraud agency, and that Shan Weijian’s entire family are professional agents bred by the CCP.

Miles said that the Whistleblower Movement must let Americans know who is stealing Americans’ pension; and PAG is the CCP-controlled syndicate that invested in HNA, Bruno Wu, real estates in U.S., Tencent, North Industries, HBO, etc.; a financial fraud group, Shan Weijian is the CCP’s most important hatchet man for western society’s pensions.

Miles told all those who have invested in PAG and who have purchased its financial products that the Whistleblower Movement will for sure send Shan Weijian to jail for life in the future and will make PAG pay back countless times of compensation.

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