Italian Archbishop Condemned Putin’s Sacrilegious Act

According to Breitbart News on March 20th, Italian Archbishop Bruno Forte said in Rome that Putin’s religious defense of his aggressive war against Ukraine was a sacrilegious act.

During a rally celebrating the 8th anniversary of the Crimea annexation on March 18th in Moscow, Putin released a statement, saying Russia would definitely implement all their plans in Ukraine and quoting the words of Jesus, said, “Greater love has no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.”
Archbishop Forte pointed out recourse to the Bible, showing that Putin could not find any more arguments in support of his propaganda and naming God to justify the evil done is the apex of immorality and madness.

Archbishop Forte said Putin’s horrendous attacks on innocent civilians demonstrated his imperialistic logic to seek to subjugate others at all costs, accusing him of being a war criminal who struck helpless and innocent people.

Archbishop Forte also expressed his disappointment and dismay about Patriarch Kirill, a supporter of Putin, the Patriarch of Moscow, and all of Russia.

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