Live Version of “I Draw My Life”

On March 13, at the Medyka border, a little Ukrainian girl came to the tent built by the New Federal State of China. Knowing that the girl loves to draw pictures, our fellow fighter gave her a set of paintbrushes. After a while, the little girl’s mother showed our fellow fighter the child’s spectacular but heartbreaking paintings.

One of the paintings shows a crying child praying in the midst of the war of artillery fire. Another painting shows a large crying eye in which a Russian soldier is shooting a woman begging for mercy on her knees, as if to say that anyone who witnessed this scene would shed tears. In the third one, she painted two hands. According to the colors the left hand represents Ukraine, and the right one is Russia. The shape of the two hands is very unnatural, neither like holding hands nor letting go. The little girl’s mother said the painting expresses opposition to the war. This is a good painting as it reflects the current situation in Ukraine and Russia. 

In her fourth painting, the little girl used colors to represent the vicious faces of Russia and Belarus, ravaging another face full of scars that represents Ukraine in the middle.These paintings illustrate a different version of the song “I Draw My Life,” which was sung by another young Ukrainian girl. In her song, the young girl cries for peace, in words such as “a world full of violence has no future,” “the hope is leaving us.”Two little girls pray for peace with song and painting, and they are equally stunning. 

While we, the new Chinese, are doing our best to rescue Ukrainians, may this song and these paintings remain in our memories forever because the evil Chinese Communist Party destroyed the children’s homes.

Translated by: HA Multilingual Group – FL
Design&editor: Hbamboo


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