U.S. Cardiologist Points to the Association between Myocarditis and the CCP Virus Vaccine

According to Gettr news on March 14th, U.S. cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough pointed out in an interview a few days ago, a large amount of evidence shows that myocarditis is related to the vaccination of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccine.

McCullough said the vaccine mandate being implemented in the United States is a very serious problem. Especially since mid-2021, minors began to be vaccinated. In the following six months, more than 200 peer review papers have been published in the medical literature, on myocarditis and conduction system destroyed, even needs a pacemaker.

In addition, McCullough also cited numerous cases of serious adverse reactions caused by the toxin vaccine. A young girl was diagnosed with myocarditis after vaccination and it took all the way to the point of transplant. And then she died within the infection after transplant. There are also many cases of athletes losing their athletic ability and even sudden death due to the CCP virus vaccine and its booster needle.

In this regard, McCullough believes that although the medical community has not fully grasped the inside story of the vaccine, it has become part of the consensus of the scientific community that the world governments have covered up the harm caused by the vaccine to children and adults in some way.

Translated by – Tony MG
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