Putin Puts Russia’s Nuclear Deterrent Forces on Alert to Counter U.S. & European Economic Sanctions

On February 27th, foreign media reported that Putin has ordered the Russian nuclear deterrent to be put on high alert. At a meeting with senior officials, Putin said that major NATO powers had made “aggressive statements,” while the West had united to impose tough financial sanctions on Russia.

Putin has ordered Russia’s defense minister and the military’s chief of general staff to transfer the nuclear deterrent to a “special combat duty regime.” Putin has hinted that he will respond to the West’s sanctions with a nuclear threat. Miles Guo particularly emphasized in a live broadcast on the 27th that Russia completely underestimated the strength of Ukraine.

Russia attacked it in the most traditional way of warfare, attempting to occupy Kiev in the shortest possible time. They were met with stubborn resistance from the Ukrainians, causing heavy losses to the Russian army and staggering the world. The Russian will stop at nothing, and may even use nuclear weapons. If there is no truce, the situation in Ukraine will be very tragic.

Translated by: MOS — xin123
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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