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On December 10, Guo Wengui explained the value of Lying Flat Coin in his live broadcast. Its value measurement is caused by the behavior of each participant and the corresponding return obtained. Mr. Guo said that “action” refers to action, while “being” refers to the result. Therefore, as long as you participate in using the coin, the behavior of each comrade-in-arms can become valuable and will be rewarded accordingly.

Guo explained that as a decentralized digital currency, Lying Flat Coin can convert time into value. For example, Mr. Guo said that domestic compatriots within GETTR, GTV, and GNEWS, based on their online time and the traffic generated by the content, can measure their value by Lying Flat Coin.
Mr. Guo also explained that if someday when a comrade in arms obtains key evidence about a CCP leader or obtains a major result due to a certain action, the Lying Flat Coin he obtains will be sublimated into a viewpoint coin, a belief coin, etc., and finally can be transformed into an extermination currency.

Mr. Guo emphasized that the characteristics of justice, conscience, health, and safety of Lying Flat Coin itself have given it unique attributes of the times.

Finally, when answering questions from his comrades in arms, Mr. Guo said that the listing date for the Lying Flat Coin could be June 4th of next year, the second anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China.

Translated by: MOS Finesse Team-Gloria
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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