Breaking News! HNA Executives Chen Feng and Tan Xiangdong Detained by Police

According to several media coverage in the evening on September 24, Chairman Chen Feng and CEO Tan Xiangdong of HNA Group are in police custody for allegations of illegal activities.On the evening of September 24, the HNA Group’s official WeChat account posted this announcement: “We received a notice from the Hainan Police Bureau that Chairman Chen Feng and CEO Tan Xiangdong of HNA Group are legally detained by the police for suspected crimes. HNA Group and its subsidiaries will maintain stable and orderly operations. Our bankruptcy and restructuring process is going on smoothly in accordance with the law, and production and operation are not affected in any way.”

Founder of the Whistleblower Movement Mr. Miles Guo once revealed that HNA is a typical tool for the Chinese Communist Party’s kleptocrats to embezzle China’s national wealth. Operating by the mode of borrowing loans, laundering the loan money overseas, and leaving bad debt to Chinese banks, the company has mushroomed by 30,000 fold in twenty years, which is unprecedented in the world. Wang Jian, the former chairman of HNA, died of mysterious causes (probably murdered by CCP kleptocrats) after Mr. Guo’s revelation. Now nearing the end of HNA’s bankruptcy and restructuring process, the key figures of HNA, Chen Feng and Tan Xiangdong, have been detained by the police for allegedly breaking the law.This incident matches exactly with Mr. Guo’s prediction that the bagmen laundering money for the CCP kleptocrats won’t have good outcomes (as the kleptocrats will murder them to cover up crimes). In my opinion, compared to former Chairman Wang Jian’s mysterious death (or assassination) in France, Chen Feng and Tan Xiangdong are fortunate to be officially detained and to stand trials in the future, but their fate of being killed “by accident” cannot be ruled out. Regardless of their fate, the case must be investigated for the plundering of national wealth that should belong to the Chinese people. As Mr. Guo weighed in, “won’t let them get away.”

Written by: WENJIE 
Translated by: billwilliam 
Proofread by: April on Earth
Design & Editor: Hbamboo
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