Japanese and American Bigwigs Privately Managed to Get Dexamethasone, Artemisinin and Ivermectin

Many people now know that dexamethasone, artemisinin, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are the antidotes to the CCP Virus, Mr. Guo said during the Sept. 17 broadcast. Japanese and American Bigwigs are asking me privately for these drugs.

Many of them said, “Mr. Guo, we didn’t get the vaccine because we listened to you.” They also asked quietly, “Mr. Guo, can you give us some dexamethasone and artemisinin.”  They are such big shots in Japan. But they still sneakily managed to get these drugs. I met with a lot of big American guys these days.  They asked if there was hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and artemisinin. If so, give me some. At that time my office was all out of drugs, We got a few boxes from the Rule of Law Fund to send over.

You don’t know how important artemisinin is. Ivermectin and artemisinin and dexamethasone are more important than anything else. Artemisinin is the big thing for the antidote. You must have artemisinin on hand. Artemisinin is the combination of all the drugs. Hydroxychloroquine is the platform that gets these drugs into the body. Zinc is very important, and zinc and artemisinin together are even more important.

Written by: Ermat
Image Source:  INTERNET
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